Introducing Benny

Introducing Benny

My name is Benny, I am a very sweet boy currently being cared for by Dogs Trust Shoreham, although I am having a very pleasant stay I am keeping my paws crossed I will find my new forever home soon. So as to make myself useful whilst I’m here, I have volunteered for a very important role indeed …the Master Helper of the Organizers …!

Every year our carers hold a 🎉 Fun Day 🎉 to try and raise as much as possible for dogs like me and my four-legged friends; fantastic companions, and lovely characters who have been found neglected or abandoned. This year, we have consolidated a quite exciting Sponsorship Package, that we offer to local businesses:

If for whatever reason you're unable to take us up on any of the Sponsorship Packages, you might want to help us raise money by Donating a Prize (such as a voucher, some wine, spirits or a box/tin of chocolates) for our Games, Tombolas and/ or Raffle?

As we know our supporters would 💛 LOVE 💛 to try and win them! Any contributions would be so gratefully received and will help ensure Dogs Trust Shoreham can keep hundreds of fellow canines happy and healthy this year whilst they look for new homes.

Yours (with paws tightly crossed) 🐾

Benny - 4-legged Helper of the Dogs Trust Shoreham Fun Day 2019


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Our Supporter Relations Officers (SROs) Pia Offord & Lisa Herbert offer free talks to community groups, organise tours of the rehoming centre and deal with all the local enquiries about donations in memory of a loved one, our free Canine Care Card Scheme as well as legacies. They also organise events, such as our annual Fun Day and Christmas Fair!
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